Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rad Hourani Fall 2012 Couture

I love Rad Hourani. I always have.
I really don't know when it started, which is the funny thing. I don't recall the first collection I saw by him, nor do I recall the tipping point. I only recall a devotion that one would liken to love. It was the type of comfortable, reliable love that one need not advertise: no reason to do the newlywed sending flowers to work thing, no need for public displays of affection. It's a love of the deepest types: one of confidence.
Each season I was confident in Rad, my Hourani. Confident that he would turn out yet another collection of trendless, ageless and genderless pieces.  It's an aesthetic that is his, and uniquely his. One that to my knowledge, few others have ever attempted and yet he has branded himself around it. Paring back color, Hourani's eyes turn to utilitarianism, creating pieces to be morphed into multiple purposes. It's genius. And then there was couture.
The whispers were very subtle, only espoused from covered lips: Hourani would be in Paris. Well, of course he'd be in Paris, there was his main label to show in an exhibit in Paris, in addition to his secondary - not to be confused with diffusion - label to be shown in New York. Then there were the knowing glances: Oh, he doesn't know yet. How does he not, its common knowledge?! Should we tell him? And finally I knew, Rad Hourani was doing couture.
The realization was a startling one. How was I to react: I had become so accustomed to Rad as I knew him that how was I to know whether this new venture of his was to be a success or failure. Was I to support him? And then before we knew it, there was the show. With Hourani's signature aesthetic, male and female models walked the runway for the designer's first couture show. What were we to say? A beautiful collection does not equate to a couture collection, yet there was something there - maybe it was the fact that the wearable "couture" collection came at the same time as Raf Simons' new age Christian Dior Haute Couture collection - that caused one to ponder, to think that maybe just maybe, couture it might be.
It was Rad, my Hourani; a genius he still must be.

See the collection on MDX.

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