Monday, August 20, 2012

New views, bags

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It's so sad you know.
I came back with this new aesthetic, a new vigor; I came back with an actual drive to blog and now because I can't get the blog to aesthetically appear the way I want to I'm over it. I literally have to force myself to blog and though I've been trying to force myself as you may can tell, I haven't been complying. Hopefully this post will be the beginning of a change.
Life has gotten a tad busy and the moments that I can steal away to flip through the Kate Moss cover of W while sipping a freshly squeezed lemonade from Drip, or buy a new bag from Sid&Nancy are cherished. It's insane how fast and demanding the fashion world is; requiring that you stay a year ahead of the game with your brain but only a season ahead with your eyes.
I do love the bag though! It's not quite tall enough to fit my MacBook but it doesn't bother me one bit. I zip it on the sides and leave the Mac, as well as any accompanying notepads that happen to peek out, uncovered. It's a nice weight - hitting in the sweet spot where it's not so heavy that it would become tiring toting it around all day but then again heavy enough that your body will remember it when you finally do set it down - and I'm totally into this mustard right now.
School is starting back up this week. It's my last year and I guess it should be bittersweet. It's not really, not for me at least. I've been using it as a sort of practice round, a "freebie" for making it in this industry. For me college has been a training ground, where I could try things out and make mistakes with minimal penalties. And make no mistake, I've used it totally to my advantage: developing relationships with some amazing women that currently serve as my mentors, working myself like a dog for a variety of people because I don't have a 9-5.
But now, it might be finally time to get serious.

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