Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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I have one myself. A denim top.

I bought it freshman year when I was away on the mountain with no idea how I'd incorporate it into my wardrobe but was dead set that I had to have one. Three years later, it's been worn about three times and yet still I'm convinced that I have to have one.

But then there was that other one I saw a few days ago: billowing sleeves, open chest, light faded denim, divine it was(albeit it's probably just an oversized shirt with the sleeves rolled up). I want it.

And Rachel Zoe has allowed that same faded denim to snag her eye: a onesie. Louboutin platform stacked wedge, floppy full brimmed hat, still the rolled sleeve; picture perfect bohemian chic. And for a hike no less. Gag. I need it.

And of course with the recent designer switch up at Diesel Black Gold(Sophia Kokosalaki out, Andreas Melbostad in) denim is sure to be in great debate for the season.

(right: Rachel Zoe in denim jumpsuit with son Skyler on a hike in California)

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