Monday, September 3, 2012

Menswear in America

Menswear is growing, New York is behind.

Milan and Paris have been plugging on with menswear weeks for years. Then this summer London Collections: Mens joined the fray. Yet season after season passes and New York seems content in allowing some of their top mens brands like Thom Browe, Band of Outsiders, Tom Ford and Calvin Klein decamp to the other capitals in order to show at a time that's relevant to the buyer schedules.

To be quite honest it's because of the lack of leadership. London, Paris and Milan all have strong menswear industries backed by strong editorial magazines; New York lacks. Well at least it had.

For the Spring 2013 show season Dan Peres of Details has announced that the magazine will rent out the New York Public Library at Lincoln Center and is encouraging designers(Marlon Gobel, Bespoken, Gilded Age, John Bartlett and Mark McNairy already signed) to show there at no cost to them. Cultivate Peres, cultivate our men.

left: Simonas Pham in Duckie Brown
source NY Times | Re:Quest

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