Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MS | The Shorts

Who wears short shorts?

I do. Well as of the week of the Democratic National Convention I do. Yes, I'm now the not so proud, but in no way embarrassed owner of two pairs of American Apparel shorts.

Let me give you a bit of perspective here: one summer in middle school I went through my closet and gave all of my shorts that hit above mid-knee to charity.  So yeah, the Chambrey Welt Pocket shorts are a bit startling.

The fact that when I sit down and casually place my hand on my thigh there's a possibility that it's going to be all flesh, makes the Cotton Seersucker Kennedy shorts not a usual pick for me.

It's totally doable though.  I have this interesting system where looks must compensate for one another so a tighter pair of trousers are treated with some sort of oversized top, or in this case a pair of shorter shorts require a long sleeved sweatshirt for decency's sake.

This cut isn't anything revolutionary, so don't be fooled. It's a traditional cut made to fall on your natural waist and end not far from there. Shorts, indeed.

Manufacturing Style is set to be a series of posts about my own personal style, and the method through which I have and am continuing to either discover or manufacture it.

P.S. I totally rewrote this post in it's entirety. See the original on Twitter.

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