Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nodding to a new South

White, after Labor Day; groundbreaking.

I currently have two pairs of white trousers, one a denim purchased at PacSun and the other pair a chino purchased over at Urban Thread during a J Crew sale.

Do I wear them in the spring? Of course! Perfectly dressed down or up with a tank top or color blocked blazer and button down combo, I do indeed get my wear out of them.

And then of course September rolls around and for some the immediate thought is: time for storage. For one I've never really been a "clothes in storage" type of guy and two... I still like my white pants.

While some are content - and destined even - to stay bound by outdated rules created frankly because individuals were limited by the means to color clothes after Labor Day(or really for cold started to set in) I'm perfectly fine with moving into a new century.

Join me.

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