Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MS | Diamonds used to be Coal

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Look young cuz' they got soul.
Clothing is transformative, it really is. When I picked up this Black Military Coat from Zara this summer in Atlanta, I was truly afraid to put it on. Why? Because I knew!
I knew that the second I had situated my shoulder snugly beneath the epaulettes that I'd need the coat, that I'd visualize myself pulling on the thick lapels while running to Art History, or even popping the back of the collar in the event that I ever cut my hair.
Still yet, I tried it on, and I bought it.
And this morning, when I knew I needed a bit of encouragement, I needed considerable more "umph" than I normally can manage on my own, I reached for it.

Manufacturing Style is a series of posts about my own personal style, and the method through which I have and am continuing to either discover or manufacture it.

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  1. Wow... This is the best style post I've ever read.