Friday, November 2, 2012

Andy's Crew: Gerard Malanga

Marie Menkie and Gerard Malanga in Chelsea Girls.
Andy Warhol is no doubt an icon. Absolutely no doubt. More than an icon, Andy is an inspiration. So for me, a Warhol in Film class was a no brainer. Just to understand his art a bit more in what I took as a not oft studied medium, would prove beneficial not only in the sense that his work could be an inspiration but I'd hopefully be able to glean new tactics for getting inspired; learn a new view of my world.
1557 Malanga182769

While that all has been happening, I've found that an introduction to Andy Warhol is not just an introduction to Warhol the man, but Warhol and The Factory. Gerard Malanga, who is listed in various places on the interwebs as Andy's assistant, caught my eye. An artist in his own right(photographer, poet and illustrator) it was Gerard's style in Chelsea Girls, where he plays himself during reel 10, that piqued my interest; oversized stretched cardigan, long rope of beads around the neck, and oversized printed trousers, all so simple yet to me so chic.
Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga at David Mc Cabe
I, of course, started to dig.

Yes, he was featured in Vinyl, Andy's remake of A Clockwork Orange, but I didn't particularly care for that. What I did care for were small moments in a photobooth with Andy(far left and right) or shooting with Edie(right) who served as the inspiration for Marc Jacob's Spring 2013 collection. Even the three of them all together, riding in a car, so simple yet in it's simplicity beautiful.
Andy Warhol Edie Sedgwick Gerard Malanga NYC spr

Maybe, just maybe I'm a touch obsessed now with Warhol, and the crew that surrounds him... but I'm totally okay with that.
Andy Warhol Chuck Wein Gerard Malanga Edie Sedgw
border: Andy Warhol and Gerard Malanga
top: Marie Menkie and Gerard Malanga in a screen capture of Chelsea Girls
left: Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol in the studio
video: Marie Menkie and Gerard Malanga in reel #10 of Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls
right: Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga at David MacCabe's studio by MacCabe
left: Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and Gerard Malanga in New York City by David MacCabe
left: Andy Warhol, Chuck Wein, Gerard Malanga and Edie Sedgwick as a Pop creature by David MacCabe

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