Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blow Your Whistle for "5 Boys"

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Falling Whistles founder Sean Carasso with Twilight actress Maggie Grace at the "5 Boys" collection launch. Photo by Ricardo Aca.

It's quite true that I've been a bit taken with Falling Whistles. A silent reminder hanging round my neck of not only the atrocities happening half way around the world but that I made a commitment to be a whistleblower, someone who sees and calls things for what they are.

Meeting Sean is a revelation. The talk he gave on that mountain, tucked away from reality was sobering and I have no doubt that at the "5 Boys" launch in New York, just a few days ago there was at least a sampling of that.

This new collection of whistles differs from the original collection, of which mine is from, with it's white tips symbolic of whitewashing we too oft engage in.

As with all the whistles, they are conversation starters. A tool to begin a conversation about five boys drafted into armies, waging wars beyond their comprehension and then punished for atrocities they'd been forced to commit. A conversation to spread the word about this growing coalition of 55,000 whistleblowers, 35 Congressmen, 16 Senators and 200 retailers all behind eight visionaries working on the ground to rebuild the Congo from the inside.

Will you join us?

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