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Scene Sighting | Mark Cross overnight case

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“Why, a woman going anywhere but the hospital would always take make-up, perfume and jewelry; it’s basic equipment" - Grace Kelly as Lisa Freemont

Dior. Givenchy. Chanel. The names rolled through my head as I watched Grace Kelly cycle in and out of scenes of Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window." Yes, your pasttime might be staying up late to have first pick of the Black Friday sales but mine is taking in The Godfather and any other classic films I may or may not have seen before.

This year there was "Rear Window" with the legendary Grace Kelly as Lisa Freemont playing opposite James Stewart. With Kelly's mere five looks, all products of Edith Head's careful hand, she not only undulated from a pillar of femininity to a more masculine look but also gave nod to looks and styles of the then present and near future.

But of course I would be remiss were I not to mention the Mark Cross overnight bag that Kelly held during one of her many quotables of the movie: when asked whether the piece was a suitcase she responds "Well, a Mark Cross overnight case anyway. Compact but ample enough." Product placement indeed.

Ample enough to include the neglige and slippers into which Kelly was to change into after slipping out of what was undoubtedly one of my favorite looks of the movie: a green twinset with a long jacket, slim skirt and halter top blouse accessorized with the ever present gloves covering a gaggle of pearls around her wrist, a white veiled pillbox hat nestled atop her bun and a simple string of pearls around the neck. Chanel it was not but in so many ways it was.

But then there was that first look: the Paris dress, with the deep v-cut back matched by a deep v-neck front and nipped waist. It was New Look, it was Dior, but then again it wasn't.

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rear window green suit with hat

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