Sunday, November 11, 2012

Josh Peskowitz: layering in a man's world

Josh Peskowitz Dapper Lou
I called him a layering god.
I'm not quite sure when I started it but I finally did, style research that is, by mostly discovering savants on Tumblr and then tracking their name before finally Googling to find their back story. I was in the process of doing this with a certain master of color that will probably pop up here soon, and then I found this guy: a master of layering. It was an Ingres to a certain Delacroix moment for me.

The research I did on the now men's fashion director for Bloomingdale's actually partially inspired a look of my own for the day; layered bien sur. His style was impeccable, and what else should we expect when his resume boasts Gilt Group, (precursor to, Esquire and a litany of other names.

Puffer jackets as layering items over peacoats, under military jackets: it's an exercise in proportion. Of course there is a careful eye to color, but the effortless enviable skill is certainly in the layering.

source | tumblr, dapperlou


  1. Even as a girl, I find it extremely hard to layer!

  2. Haha, it can be. I just think girls have so many more items to layer. Guys don't really have alot.