Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ring around the Rosey: Sally Singer, Nina Garcia, Nicola Formichetti and Kate Lanphear

Place your bets.

And they are off! Sally Singer slides from T Magazine to Vogue, Nina Garcia makes a quick change from fashion director to creative director all at Marie Claire, Nicola Formichetti and team are all out at Vogue Hommes Japan as Conde Nast shutters all male editions of Vogue and now Kate Lanphear, out at Elle but to where next, we don't quite know.
For the past few seasons it has been the designers that have been shuffled around in this game of musical chairs but as everything in this industry, it happens in trends. This season, it's the editors that are changing. While Sally and Nina moved from one position directly into others there's no doubt we must keep our eyes trained on the likes of Formichetti and Lanphear who can turn up any where. Though Formichetti alluded to a new publication with his old team, I've yet to hear an admission from Lanphear.

Who's ready for the new era?
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