Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Here today, gone tomorrow: Nicolas Ghesquière

"Last week you have Sandy. This week you have Nicolas Ghesquière leaves Balenciaga!"

The statement, given to the Wall Street Journal by Lionel Vermeil, a Balenciaga spokesman, was undeniably strong and ill fit. To liken a natural disaster killing more than 100 people with the numbers still ticking upward, to the departure of a designer from a luxury brand... ill fit is not the word.

Nevertheless, the announcement of Nicolas Ghesquière's impending departure for Balenciaga, a brand which owes much of it's modern day revelance to the 41 year old designer, was startling. It seems that right as the game of "Designer Musical Chairs" began to slow to a halt, Francois Pinault presses play for a few more rounds.

And what more a peculiar time than now? When Nicolas seems to not only be gaining critical acclaim but seems to be pushing the brand to fashion-pop-brand level.

But then again, maybe therein lies the problem.

left: model wearing an Egyptofunk sweatshirt at the Balenciaga Spring 2013 show.

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