Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Purchase | The Overalls

For me, overalls are the exotic and thus more acceptable version of sweatpants.

After searching for a pair for about five months(until October they were for my Halloween costume, but then Halloween was over) I finally got my paws on a pair thanks to a lovely personal shopper over at the quirky Sid&Nancy of Five Points.

Wearing them evokes a hightened sense of awareness: I noticed a girl akwardly standing in the middle of campus, phone straight up and down, staring intently at the screen. I smiled on a whim and watched her face fall as she realized I knew she was taking a picture of me. A small pose might have happened.

Then a few hours later I felt the need to warn a friend that I'd just pencilled in a last minute coffee shop meeting with: Beware, I'm in overalls. His response: I'm prepared.

Manufacturing Style is a series of posts about my own personal style, and the method through which I have and am continuing to either discover or manufacture it.

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