Friday, March 8, 2013

H&M swerves with & Other Stories

It's beautiful.

Who thought that H&M would be the first seamlessly blend the editorial and commercial, and from the commercial side?  Well maybe not the first but the interface is so sleek, the process so organic and the interface so friendly that the site seems a marvel.

At first glance it's a Tumblr-blog. With a combination of GIFs, product shots and what seems like street-style photos, It seems an inspiration board. And then you click to find each look comes with it's very own spread, very much like that of a magazine detailing every piece in the look. In just a few clicks the knitted navy sweater is purchased.

It truly is a lovely site, and with the first & Other Stories retail venture having just launched in London - coming soon to Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Milan - I'd love to know how it translates into a physical space.

photo: screencap of

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