Friday, March 15, 2013

Trina Turk visits Columbia for a 'Girls Night Out'

Prince of Color, Queen of Prints.

This year, Chris Benz's shock of pink hair was replaced by Trina Turk's perfectly shaped bob - it does seem a tad "Wintour does dark" in only the best of ways - as the featured designer for the eleventh annual Girls Night Out, a signature fundraiser for EdVenture Children's Museum presented in part by Coplon's.

The event, as always, was a coup for Columbia, bringing a designer who sits firmly in the national arena of fashion, with even some international attention, within arms reach. (continued below)

photos: designer Trina Turk and Coplon's owner Bruce Greenburg from, model

The show was an eye opener, for me if no one else. I'd always been familiar with the fantastical, color popping prints the designer churned out in breezy, Californian silhouettes but last night I found something different.

While those things were certainly there, I happened upon the California based designer's Ponte Perfection collection. Gone were the busy prints with their visually demanding colors and in their place, refined, elegant and most times monochromatic looks done in a soft to the touch close knit weave. Never dull, Turk does these pieces in the same rich colors as her prints and adds peplum flourishes for visual appeal.

And of course all of this, and no mention of the beautiful ombre, glam dress done in delicate beading, or the leather top I found. 

Yes indeed, Trina does leather.

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