Monday, August 12, 2013

Watches, Slim Shady and Yelawolf; New York Diaries

Turn down for what? It was an amazing performance. My second ever live in-concert New York experience was insane, with me again practically standing under the stage.

Of course a concert with the likes of Yelawolf and Eminem on the roster is starkly different from one with Solange Knowles, the latter a fun, care free, upbeat almost kumbaya with a Clover Canyon clothed artist. No, instead of an unassuming laundromat, bright with colored fixtures, Yelawolf opened the concert for the G-Shock Anniversary party with his modern day semi-mullet - don't be mistaken, it actually looked good - in the vast warehouse on Pier 36 in Basketball City. The aggression with which he kicked the show off with carried on into Eminem's performance.

Who knew G-Shock could be so chic?

It was a good night.

top: both photos of Yelawolf in concert. bottom: photo of Eminem in concert.

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