Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bespoken Spring 2014 - Staying in the meld

Sometimes it’s really in the meld. Taking two ideas, say prepster and sporty, and melding them together to create something new is what some of the best designers are good at. For Spring 2014, the Fayed duo did just that.

Another collection nodding to the youth movement, the collection conjures up thoughts of schoolboys. What with the mix of sweatpants and blazers or sweatshirts over button-downs, what else was there to surmise? The key being in the styling, the collection was awash in blues – possibly a holdover trend from Paris Fashion Week – greys and even olive. And while that palette my sound a bit sober, when those blues – the navy in particular – are turned into a camo suit, or colorblocked with a few other shades for a pair of shorts, the sobriety is quickly lost.

The result is a collection that comes off as approachable and most importantly wearable. Separate heavy, the collection features pieces like an olive Alex Mac and a leather attaché case that could blend seamlessly into many wardrobes.

The prepster thread wasn’t so much American Prepster though. It was characterized more by a certain English tailoring working in tandem with a slight collegiate feel. Of course, this was to be partially expected with the Turnbull & Asser connection; 127 years of heritage isn’t easily forgotten.

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