Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ernest Alexander Spring 2014 - all about the bags

If Ernest Sabine, grandson and great-grandson to two Latvian seamstresses, is known for anything, it’s certainly the bags and men’s accessories of his label Ernest Alexander; he did launch the brand based around the category. So it came as absolutely no surprise when 10 out of 13 models in his Spring 2014 collection were holding something in their hands.

Ernest spoke to travel for his inspirations, specifically his experience living in Venice. Midsummer nights and an old world atmosphere come manifest in classic tailoring redone in bright pops of color and playful prints. Simple white popovers receive a playful tweak via floral band collars, yet are matched with classic olive twill chinos. The result is a look, that while classic, is undeniably fresh.

The bags this season, as they are most seasons when it comes to Ernest, aren’t for the meek. The camouflage print that Sabine used is a new addition to the collection as well as the new silhouettes which include the Ludlow carryall tote and the Alex brief. The Ludlow carryall, which was inspired by Sabine’s travels, is at just the right size to carry everything a man might need to carry, which for Sabine himself, might include a Speert comb, Dom Vetro sunglasses and a Muji notebook among other things.

The Alexander man comes with a selection of outerwear for the season to match every look that didn’t already have a fitting double or single-breasted blazer; a bomber and windbreaker both in nylon as well as an olive trench and a mustard cropped jacket. The pieces round out an already solid collection which surprisingly is only the designer's second. This only amps the excitement for the impending Gap collaboration with the designer who says that the collection will include “a waxed-canvas field jacket, a chambray work shirt, some belts and a lot of bags.”

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