Monday, September 30, 2013

Spotted: Ricky Martin in Dolce & Gabbana

It seems that just when you want to focus on self, someone wants you.

So maybe this is one of those "use a photo that has nothing to do with the content" posts, but come on, Ricky looks good! And though I'm personally not a fan of flip flops, in any sense, in regards to my own style, they work here.
Needless to say I've been just a tad absent from the blog, but now without good reason. After a little personal restructuring and a renewed vigor for writing, I picked up a gig to write somewhere else. It's by no means a replacement for the style and subject matter that I write here, but with a finite number of hours - yes, blogging does take hours sometimes - to spend on any given amount of tasks a day, things sometimes happen.
That said, I do intend on finding some usefulness for this space. Hopefully you'll start to see that transition in the next few weeks.
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