Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scandal + Oscars = Bliss

Rarely do GIF/personal posts but my reaction to life is currently:

I haven't really mentioned it here before but since September I've been freelance writing and within the past three months have really transitioned into full-time freelance. It's a thrilling ride but it's as much of building our own business as anything is with the constant pitching, following up, research and actual writing(see above GIF) but ultimately only a means to an end. Anyway so this morning I did my now daily, most times hourly


and realized that I had to do a sort of "Best Of" Oscars Fashion post. Of course, where to start was plain to me!
Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Couture for 2012 Oscars
Flicking through red carpet images from the past decade really makes you consider how timely fashion and style has to be. Looks seemed to blur into a cloud of blasé at points before I started to realize that at the time, these were the creme de la creme. I mean of course some of them made me resort to


but we'll hold judgement.
Ok, ok! This was really just a way to use these Olivia Pope GIFs and that picture of Cate. Can not wait for Scandal tonight!

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