Saturday, March 8, 2014

Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquiere, in the details

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I practically gushed over the Fall 2014 collection from Louis Vuitton; I'm still gushing to be quite frank. Nicolas Ghesquiere has that effect on people though, and for his debut as the new Supreme residing at the house of Vuitton, I should have expected it.

If there was one nail that Ghesquiere hammered home in this first collection, it was in silhouette. Offering only a handful of pant options, Nicolas pulled the waists of mini A-line skirt wearing models tight and while one could wax and wane about how this could be an allusion to the approach the designer is set to take at the house -- everyone remarked at how sensible both the collection and venue were in comparison to Vuitton presentations of yester-season -- it took the mind of one Matthew Schneier to point out what the resulting sihouette had an uncanny resemblance to: an upside down V.

And having taken into account the shapes of one of my favorite but generally overlooked components of the collection -- the earrings -- it's quite remarkable how subversive the designer can be with a brand that's basically made it's bread and butter on its monogram.

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