Sunday, June 15, 2014

MS | J. Crew + Public School = Genderless Cool

First impressions are can be tough, and when I saw you I knew it

I'm not your typical fashion kid.  Prime example: when I moved to New York I probably went a month or two before ever stepping into a clothing store and when I did, it was H&M for some thin tees, necessary for summer.

You're not going to find me browsing at the Prada boutique, thumbing through racks at Saint Laurent or silently appraising the displays inside of Bergdorf's. When I step into a store, it's for a very specific and determined purpose and sadly "fashion for fashion's sake" or for that experience is rarely it.

Yet when I saw this My PS Crew tagged sweatshirt by Public School and J. Crew, first online and then again at the J. Crew X CFDA VIP reception for their new capsule collaborations, my money was spent before I had a chance to think about it.

Manufacturing Style is a series of posts about my own personal style, and the method through which I have and am continuing to either discover or manufacture it.

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