Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finding Quiet At The Conservatory Garden

Traveling can be downright exhausting. And it's a facetious sort of exhaustion you know, one where you might not even know that you're tired until you realize for a week that all you've done is lay in bed with extra large bags of peanut butter M&Ms watching old episodes of Scandal and any Law & Order you can track down on Netflix. Oh, just me? Whoops.

Heading down to the capital of South America was fairly effortless in theory. Fly down, take in the shows, retreat to my friend's apartment at night in lieu of the parties. And the shows were decent for the most part. With the Minimale Animale presentation(below) as an unexpected standout with an aesthetic that seemed at odds with the rest of the week, things ended on a leather clad high note.

But as a lover of walking, I found myself both mentally and physically exhausted each night, the former from trying to hold show notes in my head(swimwear couldn't be that hard, could it?) and the latter from walking about a mile or so toward the causeway which effectively cut my taxi fare in half.
That's how I came upon the Conservatory Garden actually; walking. Wearing in my four-year-old white Adidas on one of my now daily walks(back here in NYC, not in MIA) I found myself stumbling through Central Park, avoiding wandering geese and touristy photo ops in search of nothing but a bit of thinking space. And here it was tucked away as a small round garden, mini-Versaille like greenscape and fountain included.

I wouldn't find the adjoining lawn, larger 12-foot high jet fountain and tree-covered walkway until days later when I finally entered through the proper Fifth Avenue entrance of Vanderbilt Gate, but I didn't really need to. On this day, half a week back from the scorching, pounding heat of South Beach, no where nearer to the mountain of looming deadlines, I found the eye of my storm sitting on a bench in New York's piece of Versailles, watching bronze girls frolic around in a supposed game of Ring Around The Rosie.

statue Three Dancing Maidens by Walter Schott
Minimale Animale finale at MBFW Swim 2015

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