Friday, December 25, 2015

15 for 15 in 2015

Years zip by. They really do. This marks my second full year in New York (though I've been there two and a half in total) and it's beyond the point of being familiar. Sure, people say it takes a full decade before you can call yourself a New Yorker but what do they know?
I'm currently home in Carolina, fulfilling my duties as both son and brother. Home is always an interesting place. Quiet, slow, humid, hot; home. It's furtive meetings, random hellos and smoked salmon bagels all rolled into a languid procession of deep fried hospitality. This was home.

Now home is New York. I look back over these last 12 months — trips to Miami three times, Philadelphia once and even Los Angeles — and all the while I've known, though the visits were nice, Manhattan was my home.
In the next few days I'll figure out what I want from next year; how much I want to travel, what words I want to write and who I might want to write them for. To get in the right mindset I took a look back at some of this year's best work. Here's 15 pieces I wrote for 15 different outlets in 2015.

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