Sunday, December 20, 2015

Art Basel 2015, Sans Art

If it feels like I haven't posted in forever, it's because I haven't. And for that reason I'm a bad blogger. But instead of belaboring the point, I'd rather move on to the topic at hand: Art Basel Miami 2015.

This year marked my first Basel experience but it definitely won't be my last. The six day trip landed me with a full 11 articles, 13 new prints and a slightly newfound appreciation for event coverage.

To say that women were a focal point this year at Basel is an understatement; Peter Dundas of Roberto Cavalli and Stefano Tonchi of W Magazine christened my week with a dinner (literally straight from the plane) at the Rubell gallery opening which hosted a proverbial modern history of female artists. You tie that into the artist panel that Tonchi hosted with the Pratt Institute a few days later and YesJulz's omnipresent nature, and facts are indisputable.

Something that I didn't get to write about that I heard a lot about was the groundswell of democratization.  Visionaire Magazine lowered the walls of entry to Basel by giving away bundles of prints on Faena Beach for free. Swizz Beats went even further with his #NoCommissions project that let anyone view his art and artists to receive all the proceeds from any purchased pieces. Even Mark Anthony Green, the new GQ Style Guy, tipped a hat in that direction with a shop of moderately priced merchandise that riffed on his Dream Hotel-installed exhibit. It'll be interesting to see how this develops next year.

But if Julz held down the week's events for the women, A$AP Mob did it for the men. Led in part by A$AP Ferg for the week, it seemed that someone from the Mob had an event every night. Ferg's Adidas launch was certainly a high point.

But Art Basel aside, there's definitely something going on in Miami. I haven't been going for long, mostly just for Miami Swim Week, but it's evident even to me. Take Miami Supercar Rooms; though they had a soft launch during Basel, it's a year-round business Elo started because he saw a growing untapped market. Even Ronnie Fieg, the sneaker legend behind the New York based Kith label, recently announced that he has plans to open his fourth retail venture in Miami.

There's a lot happening down under and I'm hoping to at least write about it by making more frequent trips down. So far the plan is twice year but maybe I'll up it to once every three months. Oh, the freedom of freelance writing.

See the rest of Basel in my portfolio

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